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What are the obligations of foreign employers and employees on Belgian territory?

Foreign employees legislation? There are certain obligations when foreign employees are employed in Belgium. The legal rules regarding the secondment of foreign personnel are complicated, there are even several options. So there are a number of things that you have to take into account.

When posted within the EU, the foreign employers must comply with the employment and wage conditions in force in the country of employment. These rules are laid down in Europe and have been transposed into Belgian law.

In the field of social security, eg (Polish workers) who exercise professional activities in another country often remain subject to the social security system of the posting country, in our example Poland.

ONDERAANNEMERS does closely follow Belgian and European legislation. ONDERAANNEMERS ensures that everything is done in accordance with European and Belgian legislation. We also ensure that all mandatory permits, forms, work permit and declarations (A1 form, Limosa declaration, Limosa certificate, NSSO, ...) are in order.

We often receive requests from companies to guide their subcontractor in the legalization process. Are you looking for subcontractors in construction, industry or related? Contact us  without obligation for a tailor-made offer!


-Withholding obligation
-Indemnification of joint and several liability
-Belgian wage standards
-European delegating directory of 1996 and the Belgian law of December 11, 2016: updated monthly

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